2. Effective Practice in Managing Outdoor Learning Safely

2.1 Introduction

The ability and competence of front line staff to plan and manage a dynamic situation in a safe and appropriate way is the key contributor to safe and successful practice in the different levels of outdoor experience and off-site visits.

This is underpinned by:

  • Employers supporting Heads of Establishment
  • Heads of Establishment supporting, identifying and deploying staff with the right competences and experience for leading different levels of off-site visit
  • Staff being given training and other opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in planning, organising and leading outdoor experiences or off-site visits
  • All staff having access to resources of relevant and competent technical advice

It is anticipated that Employers should adopt the above set of principles as common and effective practice and should provide support for Heads of Establishment and technical advice as required by local circumstances. By taking this approach, Employers will be using a straightforward and common framework which will reduce bureaucracy and satisfy the duties on them under health and safety legislation.