Toolkit: Day Visits

This Toolkit contains generic risk assessments and generic visit plans that can be downloaded and edited. The Toolkit also includes worked examples of risk assessments and visit plans, a flowchart for planning and organising a visit and sample letters that can be used to provide information to parents and to obtain parental consent, where appropriate.

Generic Risk Assessment_T8
Worked Example Risk Assessment_T9
Generic Visit Plan_T10
Worked Example Visit Plan_T11
Generic Parental Information and Consent_T12
Worked Example Parental Information and Consent_Primary School_T13
Worked Example Parental Information and Consent_Youth Club_T14
Flowchart of Procedures_T16
  • Updated: 21 April 2013


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The content of this guidance is in line with advice from the Health and Safety Executive and has been developed in partnership with Education Scotland.