Toolkit: Overseas Visits

The Overseas Visits Toolkit contains a visit planning flowchart, information for briefing parents and participants, generic and worked examples of risk assessments, a visit plan checklist, and a personal safety checklist, all of which that can be downloaded and edited.

Advice regarding travel health guidance can be found in the report published by Health Protection Scotland in August 2018: 'Travel Health Guidance For Schools'. This is a new report that has been produced by the Travel and International Health Team (TRAVAX) and it can also be downloaded from the fitfortravel website.

The Expedition Providers Association website contains useful information and a checklist for those planning an expedition.

BS 8848:2014 is the Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the United Kingdom. This specification can be purchased in pdf or hardcopy format. A copy can be purchased from the BSI Shop. It may also be possible for Local Authority employees to gain free access to this document via the info4localgov website. Employees would need to obtain a username and password from their Health and Safety department, or ask their Health and Safety department to download the document for them.

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  • Updated: 01 September 2018


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The content of this guidance is in line with advice from the Health and Safety Executive and has been developed in partnership with Education Scotland.