Venues with Specific Planning Considerations

Visits that will require additional planning considerations may include: coastal areas, swimming and paddling in natural waters, unsupervised swimming pools, pools abroad, and farm, agricultural and animal visits.

13.1 Coastal Visits

Visit to coastal areas can be hugely enriching however they require additional consideration in the planning stages.

13.2 Natural Water Swimming Activities

Swimming and paddling in natural waters such as rivers, canals, sea or lochs can present significant hazards.

13.3 Unsupervised Swimming Pools and Pools Abroad

Swimming pools in hotels and abroad are likely to have varying levels of safety and facilities.

13.4 Farm, Agricultural and Animal Visits

Visits to farms can present particular issues in relation to health. 


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The content of this guidance is in line with advice from the Health and Safety Executive and has been developed in partnership with Education Scotland.