Overseas Visits

Overseas Visits include any form of overnight stay outside of the UK regardless of the type of accommodation.

11.1 Introduction

Overseas visits include all visits outside the UK. They are almost certain to include a residential element, and are likely to involve other activities which are of a sporting, cultural, or adventurous nature.

11.2 Approval

Overseas Visits must comply with the Employer’s policy regarding taking young people outside the UK and advice should be sought in the early planning stage.

11.3 Visit Plans

The Visit Leader is responsible for compiling a Visit Plan which documents all aspects of the trip – the amount of detail will be determined by the nature of the trip.

11.4 Risk Assessments

It is the responsibility of the Visit Leader to prepare a specific risk assessment for all aspects of an Overseas Visit for which they are taking direct responsibility. 

11.5 Establishing Ratios

As part of the risk assessment, careful consideration has to be given to establishing leader:participant ratios.

11.6 Information for Parents

For Overseas Visits the process of informing parents and participants will need to start well in advance of the visit.

11.7 Parental Consent

Parental consent must be obtained for an Overseas Visit.  

11.8 Alternative activities / changes to plans

It is important that any changes to plans do not vary considerably from what parents have given consent for, and that you do not take part in unplanned activities which would have required parents to have given informed consent.

11.9 Preparing Participants

It is particularly important for an Overseas Visit to ensure that participants are well prepared. 

11.10 Transport

Travel to and from the visit location as well as travel throughout the duration of the visit requires careful planning.  

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