Residential Visits

Residential Visits include any form of overnight stay regardless of the type of accommodation.

10.1 Introduction

A residential experience can be an extremely valuable learning opportunity and should be part of the progressive outdoor learning experiences provided for young people.

10.2 Approval

Residential Visits should be approved by the Head of Establishment before notification to the employer. Advice should be sought from the local authority.

10.3 Visit Plans

The Visit Leader is responsible for completing a Visit Plan for a Residential Visit.

10.4 Risk Assessment

It is the responsibility of the Visit Leader to prepare a specific risk assessment for a Residential Visit.

10.5 Supervision

Residential Visits entail additional requirements for supervision.

10.6 Information for Parents

Specific information has to be provided in writing to parents.

10.7 Parental Consent

Parental consent has to be obtained for a Residential Visit. Detailed information has to be provided.

10.8 Preparing Participants

It is particularly important for a Residential Visit to ensure that participants are adequately prepared.

10.9 Points to Consider about Accommodation

In the planning stage the Visit Leader should consider various points about the accommodation, both prior to the visit and on arrival.

10.10 Emergency Details

On a Residential Visit it is important that the Visit Leader has adequate knowledge and information about participants to ensure their well-being.

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