The Employer is the Local Authority.
The owner, governors or trustees are the employers in independent schools.

Chief Executive Officer

The Officer with overall responsibility.


The Director is responsible to the Chief Executive Officer for the delivery of the Councils policy relating to Off-site Activities.

Head of Service

The Head of Service is responsible to the Director and will have managerial responsibility for how the council policy is implemented by the Heads of Establishment.

Head of Establishment

The Head of Establishment is responsible to the Head of Service and is the person with the immediate management responsibility for groups or individuals who are participating in off-site activities.

Visit Leader

The Visit leader is responsible to the Head of Establishment and is the person with the main supervisory responsibility for leading participants in an outdoor experience or on an off-site visit. They are responsible for the young people before, during and after the off-site activity. The Visit Leader is responsible for the detailed organisation of the excursion according to the policies and procedures of the employer. They will present their plans to the Head of Establishment for approval. They must also ensure that parents make informed decisions regarding attendance and should arrange for briefing sessions as required.

Visit Assistant (e.g. parent helpers)

The Visit Assistant(s) carries out supervisory duties as instructed by the Visit leader. They are an adult with responsibility for supervising participants during the visit and also, where specified, may be delegated to deputise for the visit leader in an emergency situation.

Technical Expert

In the context of licensable adventure activities, this person is a highly qualified and experienced specialist who is responsible for providing specialist advice to providers on their safety management and staff competencies.  (For more details, see HSE publication L77).

Parent / Guardian / Carer

The parent / legal guardian /carer of the young person attending the visit.


The children, young persons or clients as appropriate.


A person, organisation or business responsible for the delivery of a service or activity to a group of young people.


The appropriate ratio of staff to pupils for a Visit is determined by the Risk Assessment.

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