Type of Visit

Information is available by type of visit

The information in Chapters 1 – 7 and 14 of the “Going Out There” guidance is relevant to ALL types of visit and should be read by everyone involved in planning, organising, leading or assisting with a visit.

Information relevant to specific types of visit can be found by following the links shown below.

Routine and Expected

Routine and Expected Visits

Routine and Expected Visits will generally be to local venues, involve easily managed activities, happen on a regular basis, and be completed within normal session times.

Day visits

Day Visits

Day Visits might include an annual trip to a visitor attraction or attending an event, and are more likely to extend beyond the normal session time.


Residential Visits

Residential Visits include any form of overnight stay regardless of the type of accommodation.

Overseas trips

Overseas Visits

Overseas Visits include any form of overnight stay outside of the UK regardless of the type of accommodation.

Outdoor Activities

Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities can be part of any category of visit. In addition to the information contained within this section, reference should also be made to the relevant procedures within each specific type of visit.

Specific Planning Considerations

Specific Planning Considerations

Visits that will require additional planning considerations may include: coastal areas, swimming and paddling in natural waters, unsupervised swimming pools, pools abroad, and farm, agricultural and animal visits.