12. Adventure Activities

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12.1 Introduction

Adventure Activities should form part of the natural progression of outdoor learning opportunities offered to young people. They can contribute greatly to the personal and social development of an individual.

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12.2 Approval

Where Adventure Activities are part of a visit, approval should be given initially by the Head of Establishment and then by the local authority to confirm the safety of the adventure element.

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12.3 Licensing

Under some circumstances providers of Adventure Activities to young people are required to hold a licence. Further information can be found on the AALA website regarding the situation in Scotland.

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12.4 Adventure Activity Qualifications

Many Adventure Activities are overseen by National Governing Bodies. These organisations control the training and assessment of leaders and have a system of progressive qualifications.

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12.5 Establishment-led Adventure Activities

Information for Visit Leaders wishing to organise and deliver their own Adventure Activities.

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12.6 Information for Parents / Parental consent

For any visit which involves Adventure Activities specific information has to be provided in writing to parents.

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12.7 Preparing Participants

It is particularly important for any visit which involves Adventure Activities to ensure that participants are adequately prepared.

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12.8 Remote Supervision during Adventure Activities

Remote supervision is the term used when the Visit Leader is not directly present with participants. Working without immediate supervision can help learners to develop independence and self-reliance.

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