2. Effective Practice in Managing Outdoor Learning Safely

2.6 Access to Technical Advice

Employers must have access to technical advice on visit and activity safety matters. The adviser needs to have diverse experience of the range of outdoor activity and visit provision. They should be of sufficient authority to ensure that they can develop and take forward strategy, advice and guidance across all sectors and services.

The role of the adviser would normally involve:
  • A good practical knowledge of the challenges encountered by groups in all venues or environments
  • Assessing risks and identifying sources of advice
  • Monitoring the visits including observing visits or arranging for this to be done by appropriate staff
  • Reviewing policies and procedures in the light of lessons learned, and sharing good practice more widely
  • Identifying training needs
  • Being a source of expert advice on visits generally and on adventure activities, expeditions and Overseas Visits specifically
  • Where necessary, seeking and obtaining the advice of other people with particular specialist knowledge, e.g. transport or insurance
  • A good understanding of the relevant legal responsibilities around visits