2. Effective Practice in Managing Outdoor Learning Safely

2.3 Helping Heads of Establishment to Support Visit Leaders

The Employer’s arrangements for planning, approval, monitoring, training and audit should support Heads of Establishment in assisting staff to lead outdoor experiences and off-site visits with increasing confidence and competence. Heads of Establishment should have ready access to their Employer’s policies and guidance and to specialist competent advice on visits, outdoor learning and excursions.

Supporting Heads of Establishment includes identifying and fulfilling their development needs in relation to:
  • Clarifying their role in approval
  • Identifying and deploying appropriate staff as Visit Leaders
  • Managing the development of effective outdoor learning practice in their establishments, including risk education within the curriculum
  • Increasing the range and level of outdoor experience and off-site visits offered as a normal part of everyday activity for all participants
  • Monitoring the quality of outdoor experiences and off-site visits and the impact of various patterns of provision
  • Enabling the development of staff knowledge, skills and confidence in planning, organising and leading outdoor experience or off-site visits
  • Implementing appropriate safety management that weighs up both risks and benefits