14. Emergency Procedures

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14.1 Introduction

Emergency planning procedures are an essential part of planning a visit.

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14.2 Preparation

Prior to departure on any visit, information should be left with a pre-arranged Establishment-Based Contact.

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14.3 Establishment-Based Contact

The Establishment-Based Contact has a key role in the Emergency Procedure.

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14.4 Immediate Action in an Emergency

Immediate priorities of the Visit Leader or any Leader who has to deputise for them in the event of an emergency.

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14.5 External Contact

If an incident or accident is likely to attract media attention, it is important wherever possible that communication with the media and other external agencies is undertaken by someone trained in this role.

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14.6 After a Serious Incident

It is not always possible to assess whether group members not injured or directly involved in the incident have been traumatised or whether other participants or staff have been affected.

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14.7 Reporting Accidents and Incidents

The employer’s accident reporting procedures should be used to record all accidents and incidents.

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