6. Transport

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6.1 Introduction

The Visit Leader must give careful thought to planning transport. It is important to ensure that the travel plan is suitable for the age and nature of the participants.

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6.2 Supervision on Transport

The Visit Leader is responsible for the party at all times including maintaining good discipline whilst travelling, and during any unsupervised periods.

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6.3 Hiring Coaches and Buses

Visit Leaders should consult their employer’s guidance for any specific procedures.

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6.4 Licences and Permits for Driving Minibuses

Visit Leaders should refer to their employer’s policy or consult the transport manager.

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6.5 Establishment Minibus

The minibus should be properly maintained in accordance with the employer’s arrangements.

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6.6 Private Cars

Visit Leaders and others who drive participants in their own car must ensure their passengers’ safety in line with legal requirements.

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