9. One-off Day Visits

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9.1 Introduction

Visits which are a one-off experience require additional planning considerations.

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9.2 Approval

Approval for One-off Day Visits is the responsibility of the Head of Establishment.

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9.3 Visit Plans

The Visit Leader is responsible for completing a Visit Plan for a One-off Day Visit. The Visit Plan should outline who is to do what, and when.

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9.4 Risk Assessment

It is the responsibility of the Visit Leader to prepare a specific risk assessment for a One-off Day Visit. Visit Leaders are responsible for recording significant and foreseeable risks specific to their visit.

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9.5 Information for Parents / Parental Consent

For One-off Day Visits specific information has to be provided to parents.

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9.6 Emergency Details

Visit Leaders should ensure that they carry up-to-date information for all participants.

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9.7 First Aid and Medical Facilities

Heads of Establishment and Visit Leaders need to take various factors into account when deciding the level of first aid provision that is required on a One-off Day Visit.

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